unique venues japan
Are you a meeting professional? If the answer is yes, you must create the experience. At a unique venue, the experience has already been created for you. Whether you are considering using or creating a unique venue, it's all about thinking outside the box.

Each venue we recommend offers a look, a feel, a location that is derived from its core business. Thus, each one offers up a meeting or event experience that traditional facilities simply cannot.

Try Japan's extraordinary sites and spaces. The uniqueness of these 'meeting' venues stems up from the fact that, much of the time, they aren't primarily meeting venues.
Choosing a unique location to host a function
-guarantees to motivate your guests to attend
-adds level of excitement and anticipation to an event
-gives guests a unique taste of Japan culture they might not
encounter otherwise
Spectacular settings, a rich heritage, varied culture and great opportunities for fun. The possibilities are endless at Unique Venues Japan.

Our passionate commitmentcto provide you with the best available of unique venues in Japan's major incentive destinations.